A Website: The Key To Growing Your Business

May 18, 2023


There’s an old and well-known saying by William S. Burroughs that goes, “When you stop growing, you start dying.” If you think about it briefly, you’ll see that it applies to everything, including your business. Therefore, if your business isn’t growing, it starts dying

If you acknowledge this, you’re golden!

But you’ll soon run into this problem… 

There’s a humongous list of people offering a million and one things they claim will grow your business. 

They’ll say, “You need A.I. this and A.I. that. You should buy assets in the metaverse now to ensure your brand’s future relevance. Print marketing is dead, but it’s not really dead. You need to comment on relevant social issues, but avoid saying this, and that, and this!”

It can be really confusing.

But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s the thing…

There are just a few pillars of marketing that you need to focus on for your business to see steady, long-term growth.


A business website is 1 of the 5 pillars of marketing you need.

A pillar of growth

In this blog, the pillar of marketing we’re going to cover is a business website. If you don’t have one, we highly recommend it. Here’s why…

For one, the tech-savvy Big Deal Marketing, LLC team created over 85 web pages in 2022. So we have first-hand experience with how important websites are for well-established and up-and-coming businesses.

Secondly, for a contemporary business to experience steady, long-term growth, it needs to have what we’ll call a “complete digital presence”. Having a business website is part of this, making it necessary to reach new heights.

Now the Big Deal Marketing team invites you to keep reading to learn more about why you should invest in a business website!


Building and managing a business website can be affordable and simple.


No Worries

As a business owner, you may be apprehensive about investing in a website. Perhaps word-of-mouth recommendations have served you well enough thus far, and you think a website would be too expensive or complicated to manage. We understand your position and concerns. 

However, we’d like to assure you that it can be affordable and simple. Not to mention, it is a necessary marketing and sales tool in today’s fast-paced world.

Regarding affordability, you can hire a marketing agency like Big Deal Marketing, LLC to design a landing page or website with just a few pages and features. This can reduce the number of hours your web designer works on the project, reducing the amount you pay. 

Or if you know exactly what you want, you can speed up the process and get a full, affordable website. Beyond the cost of building the website, the only other payment is a hosting fee. This is an affordable monthly payment to keep your website up and running!

As for it being simple, some of the most popular website-building software companies (WordPress, Squarespace) make their platforms very easy to use. So you can quickly learn to make simple updates or changes when necessary. 

In fact, if you build your website with Big Deal Marketing, LLC, we’ll send you a step-by-step video tutorial and easy “how to” instructions so you can change the text and images on your newly designed site.

Regarding word-of-mouth recommendations, successful and growing businesses recognize they’re important. After all, they’re a sign that you’re providing a quality good or service.  

However, these same businesses also recognize that they can’t depend solely on word-of-mouth referrals to grow their businesses. That’s why most of them invest in all kinds of marketing assets (more on this later).


For a contemporary business to experience steady, long-term growth, it needs to have a complete digital presence.


Digital assets and shopper trust

We said in the opening that a business needs a “complete digital presence” to grow. Here’s what we mean: 

Having all the relevant digital-marketing assets needed to be perceived as trustworthy, which leads to business growth.

Regarding assets that build trust with consumers, here’s an illustration: let’s say you needed to Uber somewhere. Your driver arrives. Then you quickly learn they forgot their glasses. They’re blind as a bat. Would you trust them to drive you safely? 

Probably not.

You risk shoppers distrusting your business if you lack these basic marketing assets. The reason is that customers EXPECT businesses to have these things, just like you’d expect your visually impaired Uber driver to have his glasses.

Many shoppers go through this customer journey: they’re scrolling through a popular social media platform and see an ad for your product. It catches their interest.

So they click on your ad and expect it to lead to your website, where they can read copy and see photos of your product. They’ll also seek out reviews on your site, or other sources like your Google Business Profile, to ensure that your product is good quality and to see if you can be trusted to fulfill their order.

If any of the above marketing assets are missing, the shopper will go to another seller with a similar product that has these basic marketing assets. 

Regarding trust: David Ogilvy, referred to by some as the “Father of Advertising”, opened 140 advertising offices in 40 countries when he was alive. 

He credits his success to having good principles. 

One of these principles was “The more people trust you, the more they buy from you.” Again, being perceived as trustworthy is foundational to business growth.


Having a business website is part of having a complete digital presence.


The Big 5

In our experience, there are five basic assets you need to have a complete digital presence:

1. social media accounts, 2. professional graphics and photos, 3. well-composed copy, 4. lots of positive online reviews, and 5. a website.

An easy way to demonstrate the necessity of these five assets is to look at successful small, medium, and large businesses. All of them have these assets

Here are just three examples:


Employees: 59,258 

Annual revenue: $24,476,467,500.00 

All 5 assets? Check.

Clif Bar & Company

Employees: 300 

Annual revenue: $360,000,000 

All 5? Yup!


Employees: 50 

Annual revenue: $690,000 

All five, here too. 


And the list goes on. Even companies with 1 – 10 employees utilize all five of these basic assets. 


A business website makes money even if you’re not working.

Why a business website is important

At this point, we’d like to focus on why business websites are so important. Below are six points you should know!

1 Many of your customers will look at your online presence before purchasing your product.


2 It makes your business look legitimate, which earns shopper trust.


3 It can increase the number of your potential customers: As shoppers do product research on Google, they’ll find your business.


4 Informational copy, an FAQ section, a blog, and the implementation of “chatbots” on your website means customers won’t have to call or email you about every question they have (freeing up your time and resources).


5 When you’re off for the day or weekend, your website can continue making sales and processing payments.


6 It can be the deciding factor between your business growing or not.


A business website is necessary to experience steady, long-term growth.


As we said, businesses today need a complete digital presence to experience exponential growth. That’s because the modern consumer is conditioned to expect this. One of the most important parts of this digital presence is a website (which all successful companies have). Put all that together and you’ll see that a website is necessary if you want to see your business grow!

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